We are a Biblical, Anabaptist community, called by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to make disciples and nurture followers of Jesus Christ.

Suriving & Thriving:
with cancer and other major life crises

Friday night at 7pm - Service of Lament and Hope
We will gather in an intimate setting for a time of sharing our stories of pain/crisis/lament with each other. We will pray, sing, share stories and fellowship with each other. Our service of lament will be a time where we can be real with each other, wherever we are on our journey of lament. Please prepare ahead of time if there are words you’d like to speak. Bring a memento if you’d like to add it to a display of lament. Or light a candle if the words are just too difficult. But know that you will be in a caring space with other vulnerable co-lamenters.

Saturday worshops from 10:30am to 3:30pm with a light lunch provided

My Cancer Story: Thoughts on How to Accept Losses Without Letting Them Define Us
When we experience major crises or losses in life it is important to honour the losses and allow ourselves to feel the pain. Sometimes we need to reduce the expectations we have of life and move into survival mode for a season of time. However, it is also important to keep the big picture in mind and not let the losses and the pain take over our lives.

Living with Pain and Loss: Faith Resources for the Journey
This session will explore various resources that the Bible and our faith offer us as we encounter the difficult seasons of life: assurances of God’s presence, lament, praise, a realism about life balanced with vibrant hope, and a recognition that we live between promise and fulfillment. We will talk about “soulcraft,” the long-term process of embracing practices that prepare us to deal with life’s crises.

Biblical Perspectives on Human Suffering
When tragedy strikes, well-meaning Christians will sometimes say hurtful things like “It must be God’s will,” or “God wanted to take your loved one home,” or “That person/those people must have sinned in order to bring such suffering upon themselves.” This session will explore the sources of such thinking, and suggest some other ways of thinking about human suffering that encourage us to respond sensitively and compassionately to each other.

Sunday at 11am - Morning Worship Service
Dan Epp-Tiessen will talk about "Bringing Our Woundedness to the Cross" and how our pain can draw us closer to a crucified Jesus, rather than farther away. We will be doing an anointing service for those who are interested as well.

Dan Epp-Tiessen

Dan and his wife Esther are both double cancer survivors, and they had a son, Tim, who did not survive his cancer. Dan shares stories of what it is like to be a family that “does cancer,” and he describes the resources from the Bible and the Christian faith that have helped him survive his cancer journey and even thrive on that journey. The stories and insights that Dan shares are relevant to a wide variety of life crises that befall us human beings.

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