Our Identity

Trinity Mennonite Church is a Biblical, Anabaptist community, called by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to make disciples and nurture followers of Jesus Christ.

Our Purpose

  1. To experience the love of God at the heart of our being and extend that love to others.
  2. To be a discipling church, encouraging all to follow Jesus in life.
  3. To proclaim the biblical story through faithful teaching and preaching.
  4. To be a praying church, communicating regularly with the heart of God and responding to the Holy Spirit's leading.
  5. To be agents of God's healing grace, caring for one another in our church and broader community.
  6. To practice participatory worship.
  7. To delight and rejoice in God and God's people.
  8. To stretch and grow beyond our comfort zone, open to God's surprises on our journey.
  9. To support the wider church in the global body of Christ.
  10. To practice Christian service within our communities and beyond.

A Bit of our History

Trinity Mennonite Church began in South Calgary in 1983. From 1990 until August 2004, we shared a facility in Millrise with Covenant Christian Reformed Church. From September 2004 until August 2006, we met at Menno Simons Christian School as a temporary measure until the new building was ready to move into.

Practicing Peace, Love and Justice

We strive to follow the teachings and example of Jesus who modelled non-violence, love of enemies, servanthood, and the call for a more peaceable and just society.

  1. Inviting people to faith in Christ
  2. Serving needs in the community
  3. Hospital and home visitations
  4. Song program at seniors residence
  5. Supporting overseas and home Missions
  6. Involvement with refugees
  7. Supporting world relief and economic development through MCC and other service organizations.


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